Naomi Campbell And Peju Layiwola Taking African Textile Art To The World

It is indeed thrilling to see icons of fashion enterprise and the academy collaborate on creating value for age old art forms.

Naomi, the super model is in the country on behalf of the Gucci brand. The program is in its formative stages to create opportunities for students in the University Of Lagos to study and work with the famous brand.

The Department of Creative Arts at the University is expected to pre-select and refine the skills of those who will be part of this programme.

Prof. Peju Layiwola is an renowned art scholar and historian and presently Head of Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos. We congratulate her and the entire department.

She has been a mentor and a great source of inspiration to many of us.


Bono And The Atelier Experience

Tucked away on Ukpabi Asika Street in Asokoro, Abuja is one of the finest boutique hotels in the country.

Atelier the boutique hotel, the Pavillion and Retro Africa, the art brokerage are truly novel in design and in operation. This beatiful place is run by three sisters. Olayinka, Keji and Dolapo.

Atelier and the pavilion are managed and co-founded by Keji. Olayinka is also a co-founder of Atelier and is a graduate of Oxford and Harvard. Dolapo a graduate of Kings college London is the founder of Retro Africa contemporary art gallery along with her business partner Abdullahi Doggi.

It is novel in design because it consists of just four beautifully decorated rooms. To access any room, one has to pass through one of its two gallery spaces.

I saw the finest of minimalist African design in a most functional manner. Interestingly, Olayinka had worked with local artisans to produce several pieces of furniture.

Retro Africa on the other hand managed by Dolapo and takes the best of Nigerian and African art to the world. Having exhibited in London, Paris, New York and several other cities, they would easily be categorized as some of the best art brokers to emerge from the sub-continent.

I had the priviledge of attending an exhibition of works by Uche Joel Chima with my family and on another occassion sit down for a drink with Dolapo. Both experiences were enlightening.

A few days earlier, Bono the celebrity musician and activist had some of his meet-ups at Atelier. I missed out on that because Bono is someone who I greatly admire for his humanitarian and developmental work.

So if you are looking for a private experience with the best of cuisine, this is a place to visit.

Just like Bono, I think Atelier brings some unique features to our experience. Creativity, character and service I believe sums it all.

For inquiries, contact 09060006304.

It Is Almost Here

I am so excited. The first edition of Lasgidi Greefest is almost here. Chidinma Mbagwu and the superb team of volunteers that work with her….I salute you and I congratulate you. This is one of many initiatives coming out of our business and job opportunity groups….and this one from the Lagos group. I am proud of you.

There are still spaces available for vendors I believe. Chidinma can be contacted for that. More importantly though, I see a movement in collaboration, post event.

My advice to vendors would be…plug into the network. See it beyond the event into a movement of opportunities

Thanks to all our partners. May we work and grow together.
Please share so others can benefit from this as well. Contact numbers are listed on the e-flier. Thank you.

If you wish to be part of our business and job opportunity groups, please call or send a message to 08127966984.


Taprobane And ISD Collaborate For A Medical Outreach

This is one of those very happy days of my life. Taprobane Medical Center and Initiative For Sustainable Development collaborated to conduct a medical outreach in Dogongada, in the outskirts of Abuja.

We wish to thank Mr. Obinna Franklin of Mobson Phramaceuticals that donated some of the paediatric drugs. We also wish to thank doctors, matron, nurses, medical laboratory scientists and administrative staff of the Taprobane and members of the ISD team who made this possible.

Welcome To Our Business and Job Opportunity Groups. Now On Facebook Too.

Hello Friends! We have been operating our Business and Job opportunity groups on Whatsapp for about 4 years. We also have a Business and Job opportunity PAGE on facebook. But we realized that to take the benefits of our groups further, we may need to open a GROUP on fb too. So here we are. Please join and invite friends. Once you join, you can know our members in your states and communities to help you network better on the smaller Whatsapp groups.

Our Tea and Coffee Club

Yes…that is exactly what I said! We have one. And you all are invited. We are hoping to build it across the states. At our last meeting, we had madam Eunice of Tea Empire International host us.

She made me realize that coming from a country that is world famous for tea does not give one the authority to speak about it as those who are passionate and apply themselves to study the culture of tea. Or coffee as the case maybe.

She brought along her tea ware. Infusers, awesome tea cups and glasses and an infuser she calls ‘the magic pot’. That was not all. We had cheese (various types), crackers, cookies and chicken wings too.

Frankie, our group admin said..’ahh! If only I could capture the smell in words’ as Eunice brewed tea.

Honestly, he did not exaggerate!

Eunice brewed three different types of tea.

Prana Chai- Black tea blended with spices, done by two Australian friends (blenders) based in the US.

Lemon grass, ginger and lemon. A unique blend by Eunice. To be honest….this was my favourite!

English Rose. I think it is best served with an interesting book and some grapes by the side. This English Rose is the typical British afternoon tea recipe.

‘It takes process to bring out the best in tea. We need to train our olfactory to understand the various tastes and tones’ Eunice said sipping her tea.

With tea comes a particular sub culture! One of depth, essence and could I say maturity? Hmmm…if you wish to join us, send a whatsapp message to 08127966984.

-What I see, I can show. What I taste, I cannot! Quote by Frankie!

Striking Partnerships To Build Capacity Of Youth

One of the members of our business group Mr. Abdulsalmi Ladigbolu leads an association called the UNESCO Read and Earn Federation. This organization has worked extensively to build capacity of youth through various programmes in Nigeria. It was indeed a pleasure to witness another milestone when they signed an agreement with the Association of Business Executives of The United Kingdom to further the cause for youth in the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Partnerships matter. We an achieve more by collaborating. Make deliberate efforts to seek for positive partnerships.


In the last few weeks, I have been posting stories with the hashtag above.

When I am invited to different religious gatherings to speak, I think about how relevant the institution is to their community and what impact they are making in real time.

This morning, I was spoke to a fellowship of shop owners at Kaura Market in Abuja. The fellowship co-ordinator is a businessman himself. His name is Mr. Dipo Agboola.

When I got there, I met a gathering of people who did not come only to pray but to seek practical ways to solutions in business and life.

We had a short ‘business clinic’ where problems they were facing as MSMEs were highlighted and solutions discussed. There was a general opinion that not much activity was ongoing in terms of sales in the market. Finance was another issue.

What fascinated me was the fact that this set of Christian faithfuls were ready to learn what they had not learned before concerning entrepreneurship and business management.

I was requested to come for a second session when we could analyse some examples of businesses there and look for what could be done better.

I would also discuss how they could come together as a group and create a more viable marketspace online and offline.

I termed the fellowship a ‘relevant church’ because they are doing what those in governance ought to be doing. The leader had printed business cards for those in their midst who did not have any and coached them how to go out and market. I like that. Not just wait indefinitely for one ‘breakthrough awoof’!

The Hope Of A Bettter Tomorrow

I have always loved children! Today, I visited a member of our business group at her school at Lugbe, Abuja. She played a key role in the children’s Funfair and Bazzar at the Trade Fair we hosted in December 2018.

Mrs. Bellanor Odjobo of Bellanor International Community School. The school is already on Easter break.

However, several students were in school for the Holiday Camp. We went to see some of them taking part in a bead jewellery making session. And out came the little ones. Excited to see visitors. They all wanted to be carried! And they wanted to show us what they had created! Just awesome gifts from heaven.

Children are our hope of a better tomorrow. But if we do not pay attention to them and guide them aright, we would end up with liabilities on our hands. If we think all that matters is the welfare of our children and neglect those of our neighbours, such would have repercussions in future, if not now.

A Nigerian proverb says that parents bring children into this world but the community helps nuture them. These were truths known from ancient times.

‘Sustainability’ is taking decisions today that will not jeopardize the well-being of future generations.

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