The Hope Of A Bettter Tomorrow

I have always loved children! Today, I visited a member of our business group at her school at Lugbe, Abuja. She played a key role in the children’s Funfair and Bazzar at the Trade Fair we hosted in December 2018.

Mrs. Bellanor Odjobo of Bellanor International Community School. The school is already on Easter break.

However, several students were in school for the Holiday Camp. We went to see some of them taking part in a bead jewellery making session. And out came the little ones. Excited to see visitors. They all wanted to be carried! And they wanted to show us what they had created! Just awesome gifts from heaven.

Children are our hope of a better tomorrow. But if we do not pay attention to them and guide them aright, we would end up with liabilities on our hands. If we think all that matters is the welfare of our children and neglect those of our neighbours, such would have repercussions in future, if not now.

A Nigerian proverb says that parents bring children into this world but the community helps nuture them. These were truths known from ancient times.

‘Sustainability’ is taking decisions today that will not jeopardize the well-being of future generations.


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